Are taureans compatible with cancer

Being ruled by the Moon makes Cancer very moody, and this is something that Taurus could become tired of very quickly. This could lead to Cancer taking too much too personally, another matter that Taurus will tire of fast. Cancer is also a Cardinal Sign, and does not just prefer to be the boss, needs to be or the pinchers come out, no matter who you are.

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This will not always bode well for Taurus's Bull side. Taurus doesn't need to be the boss at all, but certainly doesn't appreciate being wrong, ALL the time. Even though Taurus and Cancer will experience a few wrinkles along the way, who doesn't?

These Are The Most Compatible Zodiac Signs As Friends

Watery Cancer will always wind up nurturing their Earthy Taurus, and vice versa! Both of these feminine energies simply need to give and take a little in this relationship, and always rely on the strong emotional bonds that connect these two cosmically. Cancer needs to learn to not take everything Taurus does so personally, and Taurus needs to pay just a smidge more attention than with most people to Cancer's feelings. Cancer also needs to ease off on the ordering Taurus around, if they want Taurus to stick around.

Taurus and Cancer

A little honey in requests will go a lot farther than vinegar is a caution Cancer will need to take seriously. Otherwise however this couple will have a secure and happy home life, and will always be striving to ensure the other party in this Taurus Cancer match is feeling that as often as possible. Literally, a match made in heaven.

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Cancer and Taurus Compatibility: The Homemaker and the Lover ⋆ Astromatcha

Pet Compatibility. Start Now. Your zodiac sign is able to uncover divine truths about everything from your personality to your finances and friendships, but do you turn to the stars to uncover secrets about your sex life?

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  • Unwind, undress and enjoy. The cosmos demand it. Aries are classic fire signs that revel in satisfying sexual encounters and are regularly on the hunt for pleasure. Their erogenous zone is found behind their smoldering eyes and in the brain, which is why witty banter and the resulting mental stimulation from sex games are huge turn ons for them.

    Taurus & Cancer: Love Compatibility

    Sex with a Gemini is never dull, as their romps in the bedroom are laughter-filled and full of energy. Prepare to feel truly wanted during sex with a Cancer. Cancers are especially orally fixated, so using your mouth on their highly erogenous breast and chest areas is a sure way to please them, while receiving oral sex from a Cancer is always a treat.

    The sign that claims to have the most partners and some of the most frequent sex, Leo may be the leader of the fire sign pack when it comes to vitality. No matter how many partners, they love receiving attention and have been known to incorporate mirror play into their lovemaking since they enjoy their own showmanship so much. Ruled by Venus, this sign is brimming with sensuality and enjoys the anticipation during the lead up to sex just as much as the act itself. Cited as one of the signs to most enjoy their sex life, Libras are all about equality and love positions that make both participants feel good, like When the focus is on them, a Libra might take a slightly more adventurous route.

    This is unsurprising, since their erogenous zone span from nose to genitals and include their sweat glands and excretory systems, as well as the colon, anus and bladder; no stone is left unturned when it comes to this water sign.

    Worst Matches

    Scorpios are ruled by both Mars and Pluto, which gives them their natural insatiable desire, as well as a penchant for transformation. This may be why they are the sign that most commonly enjoys kinky sex habits that veer toward BDSM and power dynamics.

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    • They are passionate lovers who come branded with the dual-edged warning and promise of intensity. These natural-born independents have a spontaneous streak that makes them difficult to pin down into anything resembling a sexual routine, so be prepared for quickies in unexpected places or impromptu sex at any given hour.

      Their zeal corresponds well to their pleasure zones, the hips, thighs, motor nerves and muscular system, all perfect ingredients for high energy sex and signaling that involves lots of thigh and hip grabbing.