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Taurus, seems to be a prosperous time for your finances. Financial stability will largely prevail and flow of income looks to be good. All money related matters would proceed smoothly. Saturn aspects your house of income in Some confusion might exist due to delays. Spend wisely, as expenses may rise after March. Repayment of an old loan will bring relief. Consult your spouse and father before making a big investment.

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You may choose to spend on vehicle or land this year. In August, a land related work would bring profitable results.

Investing in share market after September will be rewarding. Sudden gains are possible in November and could likely be in the form of parental wealth or an old investment. Keep your expenses in check. Your financial condition appears to improve around the end of the year. Taurus, offers mixed results for your love life.

As the year starts, lack of time for your partner would result in clashes and quarrels. Try to maintain a balance; otherwise, your personal life may be severely affected. Around March, be very careful and diplomatic with your partner, as your harsh words can cause permanent damage and sabotage your bond.

If you are single and planning to propose to your loved one, then this year is quite favorable and a positive response is likely. Chances of a love marriage seem strong in September. Marriage life looks good at the start of After June, differences due to frequent arguments may possibly develop. Try to clear out any misunderstandings as soon as possible. Around August, things will get better, as work related success and achievements would make the domestic atmosphere cordial and jovial. Helping your partner with their work can help boost harmony in relations. Presence of a guest will lead to celebrations.

Taurus, appears to start on a sluggish note. Stress and tension can keep you down. Remain careful against any infections, cough, or cold related ailments. If problems persist, immediately consult a doctor. Eat a balanced diet and keep your weight in check. Keep your blood sugar levels in check. Aquarians love with their mind first. These are extremely rational and objective men, so they are very much detached from their emotions. They see emotions as a weakness and will go to great lengths to avoid feelings of any sort and they feel uncomfortable if a woman is overly-emotional, demanding or highly temperamental.

His unemotional nature can often times make him seem cold, detached and distanced.

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But he is really just a man who lives in his mind, not in his emotions. One must understand this about him, if they want a relationship with this man. He is capable of falling in love, however their partner must be patient, as this male takes his time when falling in love. The Aquarian male wants his lover to first and foremost be a friend.

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He is a best friend and confidante who you can share your thoughts, ideals, dreams, friends and experiences with. He is attracted to a woman who is free-spirited, independent, cool-minded and who shares his interests as well as his sphere of friends. If you get along well with his friends then he will find you even more attractive. He is after all an outgoing and humanitarian sign, so he finds himself very much compatible with a woman who also shares these personality traits.

When he is interested in a woman he has the odd and quirky habit of being mean to her at first. He will criticize her or make fun of her infront of other people.

But this is for several reasons. First and foremost because he is uncomfortable with his feelings towards her. The Aquarian male is also one of the hardest zodiac males to get to commit to a relationship. Being an air sign he loves and needs his space. He feels very easily suffocated and confined in love relationships, and is notorious for disappearing for several days or weeks without a word. This can naturally be very taxing and tiring for his romantic partner, who above all will have to be patient and understanding of this, if she wants to sustain a long-term relationship with this man.

If you give him this space — and a loving place to return to — then he will be truly happy. Pisces, Water www. Scorpio, Water mizian. Taurus, Earth www. Virgo, Earth www. Originally posted by Trams I am an Aquarius. If you can, please tell me your zodiac sign. I want to see if a larger portion of you have one sign.


Also I want to see if a Horoscope sign has anything to do with intelligence, or curiosity. Viszet Oki. Deeply Emotional, intuitive, empathic, and motherly yes even for a guy. It all makes sence to me now. Thanks for the tally Trams, bravo! So far the Aries and the Scorpios are in a dead heat Come on my Aries brothers and sisters I'm a Scorpio.

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